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Youth Civic League

North Scott Youth Civic League offers kids the opportunity to build friendships, give back to their community, learn and practice important life skills, and develop relationships with adult mentors.

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Our Model

North Scott Youth Civic League operates under the Dave Ramsey model of save, spend, give, and will offer kids the following developmental opportunities:


  • Planning: Each group will hold their own goal-planning session once per year and determine their activities for the year related to skill-development, volunteering, fundraising, giving, and of course - fun!

  • Giving back: Volunteering is the at the core of the North Scott Youth Civic League. Kids will learn the impact they can have on their community through volunteerism. Examples of volunteering in the community include service and time spent at Grand Haven Retirement Community and at the North Scott Food Pantry.


  • Skill-building: Kids and their chapter leader will decide what skills they will focus on developing during the year. Examples may include CPR, vehicle maintenance, budget setting, health, cooking, and fishing.

  • Money management: Through goal-planning, kids will identify ways to raise money and decide how they want to give it in the community and spend it within their group.

How It Works

A North Scott Youth Civic League chapter is comprised of up to 25 children in the same gender and grade (K-8th) within the school district and is led by at least one parent volunteer. 


Children can be from any of the NSHS feeder elementary schools, in fact, we encourage it! This allows our kids to make friends from other schools early, and provide an easier transition into junior high. 


As this is a new program, only two chapters are currently active and this is for 7th- grade girls and 5th- grade boys in the district. 


Interested in starting a chapter? Review our bylaws and contact Heather Link at for more information! Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! Chapter leaders will be provided with checklists that help guide the most common activities.  You also don’t have to do it alone. Form a team of parents to help you.  

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